What others have to say...

Sue Is an exceptional music teacher. She worked as a public school music teacher facilitating large groups of children her whole life. The recitals that she conducted were incredible. Sue has a gift and relates well with children. She is one of those student-centered teachers that your children will love. Her background and knowledge of music makes her uniquely qualified. Sue taught my daughter to love the piano as much as she loved singing. My daughter was playing beautiful musical arrangements in a very short time. I highly recommend Sue and you will too once you get to know her.

Mark Hegenauer

Miss Sue, as my son affectionately refers to her, was our piano teacher prior to her move to Savannah. She was, and still is, the one piano teacher we found who connected with and reached our very shy kid. He looked so forward to his lessons with her each week! Miss Sue’s method of teaching involves educational games and fun. She is an expert at keeping her students’ attention, likely from her years of experience as a public school music teacher, but also because she clearly loves and is passionate about what she does. We lost a treasure up here in the north but the south has gained a gifted and wonderful piano teacher!

Caitlin Powers